Custom/Toll Manufacturing

Utilize the operational/technical capabilities of Tiarco to manufacture specific chemistries for third parties.

Grease & Lubricant

Additives for greases and lubricants such as extreme pressure, anti-wear, antioxidants, etc.

Household, Industrial & Institutional

Our Specialty Chemicals and Additives enhance the performance of many familiar household and industrial products, including cleaners, degreasers, and oil field and emulsion polymerization applications.


Additives for natural, nitrile, and SBR latex such as antioxidants, accelerators, cure packages, etc.

Personal Care

Extensive variety of chemical formulations supports applications that include foam boosters and thickening agents for shampoo blends, bubble baths, cosmetics and more.


Used in a wide variety of applications such as textile printing, reactive dyeing, colored bleach goods, as an oxidation agent, catalyst, and metal stripping for printed circuit boards and plated items.

Textile, Adhesive & Carpet

Our technologies support a great variety of products, including frothing aids, rheology modifiers for polymer coatings, paints, caulks and sealants as well as a vast array of adhesives.

Water Treatment Additives

Additives for water applications such as biocides, metal precipitates, anti-scale polymers, etc.